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MYCUT Attends All In Print Fair, Die Cutting Attracted A Lot Of Attention, Even Media Reported Our Products.

Shenzhen Huansheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 05, 2018

After attending Sign China Shang Hai in September, again we attended All In Print Shanghai in October. Although the weather is getting colder, but wouldn’t resist customer’s enthusiasm to attend  this fair.


Our booth No. is E6 HALL, B458, occupies 18 square meters. We have 6 people attended this fair, 4 responsible for domestic market, 2 for international market. Customers generally are from Egypt, Brazil, India, East Europe, Korea and etc. Around 1200 people visited our booth.


In this fair, our die cutting machines are a huge success. Our digital die cutting machine is designed especially for small batch orders, from rewinder and unwinder system, to die cut, to split, very efficient, and time consuming. Even Media has reported our roll to roll die cutting machine. And we have a customer who flew from Brazil to our booth, and ordered 2 die cutting machine, one big one and one small one, he want to put those in his booth in the coming fair in Brazil. And he paid deposit in cash.


Some pictures for sharing with you as below:














Thanks for all the customers’ coming, Huan sheng will always remember our belief. Keep innovating new products, and value quality as our life. See you next fair Textile Digital Printing China in Guangzhou.