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High resolution video download from google drive ( Operation guide for vinyl cutter)

Shenzhen Huansheng Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2017

1mycut vinyl cutter Automatic Contour in Signmaster:

2: 5cm Circle cutting by mycut vinyl cutter

3: Circle Cutting New seris by mycut vinyl cutter

4:Introduction of mycut cutting plotter’s operation

5:MG laser setting (automatic contour cut)

6:Semi-Automatic Contour (MK)

7:MK cutting in signmaster


8 Contour cut from U Disc with mycut vinyl cutter

9:Heat transfer film cutting

10:Contour built in CDR

11: How to Export the cutting file to U-Disc

12:Automatic contour from Signmaster Old


13:  MG series cutting plotter basic operation

14: How to Repair:

15: catalogue for MYCUT cutting plotter (Full model)


16:Cut from UD from Coreldraw

17: Cut from UD from Signmaster

If you need more video about mycut vinyl cutter, please contact us freely